Hardbound ISBN: 0-88240-606-X
Softcover ISBN: 0-88240-610-8
Published by Alaska Northwest Books, 2005
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Ten ravens set out on a lark. As the pages turn, they steal pretty pearls, picnic in a pickup truck, and pull a predator’s tail. Scenarios are fanciful but rooted in ravenhood: collecting shiny things, testing curious objects, getting into garbage, and showing off. The adventures take their numbers down to 1, and they reunite to play the game all over again.

About the Illustrations ...

Raven imagery has flown in and out of Evon Zerbetz’s artwork since she made her first marks with a carving knife into a piece of wood 17 years ago. Corvidophiles and fans of Evon’s linocuts have been waiting to see her latest body of work created for the book Ten Rowdy Ravens (Alaska Northwest Books, August 2005). It has been ten years since she has produced a major body of raven work (The Stations of the Raven Collection, 1996). Again exploring the natural history of the largest member of the corvid family - Evon revisits some behaviors and approaches new behaviors with her witty style. Her attention to fine detail has only increased and alert viewers will discover insects and hidden jokes layered in the colorful linocuts.
In the initial stage of the work for Ten Rowdy Ravens, writer Susan Ewing’s rough draft in 2000 played with sending the ravens on some madcap adventures such as circus performing, scuba diving and roller skating. Through rewrites of the manuscript, the author/illustrator pair soon culled out their favorite verses and noted that ravens really did enough crazy things all their own and made the decision to simply draw on true raven nature for the ultimate manuscript for the book.

About the Author ...

Susan Ewing lives in Montana, where she and the deer and the antelope all play. She has collaborated with Evon on two books, the new Ten Rowdy Ravens and Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears. She is also the author of The Great Alaska Nature Factbook and the Great Rocky Mountain Nature Factbook, and her essays and short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Visit her at www.susanewing.com.

Praise for Ten Rowdy Ravens ...

"An imaginative romp about our favorite trickster."
- Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven and Ravens in Winter

"In Ten Rowdy Ravens, one feels the mischievous nature of the raven in Zerbetz's colorful illustrations and enters the raven's world through Ewing's clear and engaging prose. The Daily Kaw is sure to garner a wide circulation with its 'tongue-in-beak' descriptions of true raven reports."
- John Marzluff, Professor, Wildlife Science, University of Washington and coauthor of In the Company of Crows and Ravens


Linocut artwork from the book. Center: Dancing with Dragon and spot art Dizzy Loop-de-loop. Bottom: Morning Kaw.