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From Little Narwhal Lost evon Zerbetz_edited.png

Little Narwhal Lost

Written by: Brooke Hartman
Illustrator: Evon Zerbetz
Published by Alaska Northwest Books

32 pages in full color

8 x 10 inches

Publisher:Alaska Northwest Books

Release Date:January 2024

8 x 10 inches

Hardcover $22.99

ISBN: 1513141481

Softcover $9.99

ISBN: 151314149X

Why does little narwhal appear so anxious?

Open the cover to reveal his story of found family.

Inspired by a true story of how a young narwhal finds himself a new family to love and accept him—a pod of beluga whales!

Little Narwhal is lost. After a big storm hits, he wanders the ocean alone, in search of a community to belong to. Eventually he finds other whales . . . but these whales don’t look like him at all! Will they welcome him into their family?

From the same team behind the bestselling book Dream Flights on Arctic Nights, this story is told in lyrical text accompanied by gorgeously colored linocut art. Also included at the back are facts about narwhals, including the real story about the narwhal who is adopted by beluga whales.

Age Range: 5 to 8 years

Grade Range: Preschool to Grade 3


Did you know that narwhals typically travel in groups of either males or females? The male narwhal grows a tusk up to 10 feet long.

The tusk is actually its left tooth, which pierces its top lip. About 1 in every 500 male narwhals might even grow a second tusk!

"...a cute story, and I love that it shares a little history in the back on both whales, as well as sharing the true story of one narwhal who is still living with Beluga whales today."  — Rebecca Hill

" amazing story of a real cross-species adoption, a wonderful true tale of acceptance and caring."  — Maria Marshall, The Picture Book Buzz

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