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Raven Wheel IV: Umbrella

Monotypes, stitching, watercolor, fabrics, zippers, hooks and eyes, snaps, metal, pastel, and

wound wire.

41 x 41 inches framed


A triptych of mixed media constructions anchored the opening wall at each venue for my exhibit "Raucous! Everything Raven". After the first triptych was purchased by the Ketchikan Museum, I created a second triptych when the show traveled to the Alaska State Museum in Juneau for a six month run. Raven Wheel IV is from this second triptych.

The raven in Wheel IV is inspired by shadow puppetry.

Bird World

Collage of pastel, various monotypes, image transfers in the background, and acrylic paint on papers and canvas

$1,400. Framed

Approx. 18 x 24 inches framed. Canvas is mounted in a shadow box style, off-set from the backing.

Exquisite Dancers

My current linocut work is creating what I call dimensional linocuts, building depth and shadows into assemblages of my cuts. Go to DIMENSIONAL LINOCUTS page to see my latest mixed media works!

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