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Dances with Wolves

  • Image created for the Alaska Midnight Sun Tango Camp in 2020. Think of a summer camp with water sports, hiking, a mess hall, campfire...but for adults AND add 8 hours of tango dancing a day!  All in a place where the sun barely goes down. Sadly, the 2020 camp was canceled due to the pandemic.

    9 x 7.5 inches


    Sizes listed are of the linocut images themselves; I leave an additional white border of paper on all sides.

  • My linocuts are printed on cotton rag paper the old-fashioned way: I carve with knives and gouges to create my imagery in slabs of linoleum. Then I roll ink over the surface, lay cotton paper on top, and crank the block through my etching press. I repeat this process for each impression in the edition, which means: If an image is in an edition of 40, I do this 40 times! After the prints dry, I generally hand-paint them, often with many layers of color, making each print a unique work of art.


    Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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