I am absolutely touched that you made it here!  Here's a couple images from 2020:
If you came here to meet Marty, Let's get to it,
Summer self-we, hiking in Ketchikan
Tide pooling.  The early summer's super low-tides, provided a LOT of pandemic-time entertainment.
Buenos Aires - 6 am-after-milonga self-we with dance friends from Bay area. 
June marching
Brief moments of sappiness, aka making the best of pandemic + long distance life. Working to thrive with it, not just survive.
A brief foray into a pandemic
sourdough bread hobby.
Hiking Ketchikan. Meeting our quota of one "self-we" per trip.
A besinji sandwich on a Sunday morning in Seattle. The inspiration for the New Year's card you received is on the left.
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All best for your New Year
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