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2005 -2008

Ketchikan Museum, Ketchikan, Alaska


New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque, NM


Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK


North Museum of Natural History, Lancaster, PA



A whimsical look at the behavior of the Common Raven—Corvus corax, through art and science. I built learning modules that explored the complete natural history of the common raven, answering questions such as: What do ravens eat? Do scientists think ravens play


Raucous.Kaw Couch.JPG

View of the cozy reading area features: the painted KAW couch, a coffee table with raven-sized tracks, and a floor cloth. The Corvid Cam features photographs of ravens

The raven radio on the right features a soundtrack loop of raven calls, raven music and raven newscast (North Museum)

Raucous.3 modules.jpg

Three modules explore the brains of the bird world, Raven Romance, and food habits. (New Mexico Museum of Natural History)

Raucous.Food Experiment.JPG

This area of the exhibit exploring food habits of ravens, is anchored with a whimsical photo essay that uses scientific method. (North Museum)


The first Corvid Cam features a loop of photos of real ravens. My 3 foot square raven board game, Cache, anchors the Raven Games area which discusses the question "Do ravens play?" The giant board game requires players to think like ravens—share, be a little tricky...and to be very smart. Kids move giant game pieces I crafted from old Japanese wood floats and carved foam. (Ketchikan Museum)

Arms and Legs :: Octopodes and Dancers
Soho Coho Art Gallery, Ketchikan, Alaska
December, 2016 through May, 2017
A series of linocuts and dimensional linocut constructions explore the transcendent nature of dancing

Evon's linocuts reflect the jouissance she finds on dance floors, when people that might not usually meet, dance together

In Step

Merge Exhibit Entry
Main Street Gallery, Ketchikan, Alaska
May, 2019
Four installations in paper and steel explore energetic fields and the current fragility of winged insect popluations
Pictures coming soon
Merge Exhibit Entry

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