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Client: Midnight Sun Tango Camp

Annual identity for a unique tango festival in a rustic camp setting. Think summer camp for adults—with hiking, lake swimming and water sports, sweat lodge, guitar and harp jams—but with 9 hours of tango dancing a day. AND, amazing Turkish food in the cook house for a global community of dancers.

Image for postcards, T-shirts, and advertising, 2019.

Sadly, the camp for 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic a few months after the image Dances with Wolves was created.

Dances with Wolves in Linocuts

This Moment in Linocuts

Midnight Sun Tango Camp.postcard.FINAL.j

Client: Alaska Association of School Boards

A consortium of at least 17 early childhood education providers in Alaska, have gathered forces to make a unified campaign Rain or Shine Learning all the Time. I created a logo/identity for the campaign, as well as new linocuts for their promotional materials.

See Identity • Posters, 2020


Client: Tongass Community Foods Association

Identity/logo for a community organization with a mission is to expand Ketchikan's capacity for sourcing and producing its own food. TCFA's goals are to establish a local farmer’s market, community and school gardens, and be a liaison for local growers, 2013.

Client: Alaska Library Association

Identity for annual conference and merchandise for the association's 2014 conference in Anchorage.


Client: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Project: Watershed on Wheels (WoW

Express), a 26 foot trailer van and exhibits,


Linocut Size: 18 x 52 inches

WOW in situ

The Watershed on Wheels is a science museum on wheels to educate about the creatures and environments in the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Currently, the refuge is comprised of over 36,000 acres within parts of the four Connecticut River watershed states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


In addition to attending local fairs and festivals throughout the Connecticut River watershed, the WoW Express has an environmental education program tied to state and national science standards for 3rd-5th grades that focuses on watersheds, rivers, adaptations, and habitats.

My linocuts were carved at 1/6 size and enlarged for the 26 foot trailer wraps. I designed the cut so that details of the image could be cropped and used for exhibit panels and experiences that came out of the van for an event.

Client: Houghtaling Elementary School

New identity and student T-shirt featuring the school mascot, 2006

The first time I ran into a group of fast-moving Houghtaling Dolphin kiddos wearing bright orange t-shirts with their new logo, put a smile on my face.

Client: KCAW Raven Radio

Design for Sitka’s popular public radio station, 2006

Client: Sitka Whalefest
< Identity for 2000 Festival

The Sitka Whalefest board nearly became the Sitka Winefest board, when they produced a limited edition of wine as a fundraiser for the festival and then turned our 2000 Sitka Whalefest art into...


Wine Labels, 2009

Syrah label typography design by Phyllis Hackett

Whale Dance in Linocuts

Minke Merlot in Linocuts

Client: Ketchikan Visitors Bureau


Identity Sticker for Business Membership, 2006

Client: EDocAfrica

Two logos

Client: Alaska Library Association

Identity for annual conference and merchandise for an association meeting in Anchorage. The theme was CLICK: Community, Libraries, and Information: Channeling Knowledge, 2002.


The librarians initially asked for an image of a computer and a mouse. I added a raven, put the cosmos on the screen, and brought the mouse to life to add some fun. Check out the styling of the turn-of-the-century computer!

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