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Chimeric Voyages Assembled.jpg
12 sea monster linocuts assembled in one possible variation of 479,001,600 possibilities
Chimeric Voyages.covers

Chimeric Voyages

Broadside panorama of 12 linocuts housed in a handmade portfolio

Edition of 100

Printed by hand in two colors on cotton rag paper

Each piece is 4 x 6 inches, assembled  48 x 6"

$135 Introductory Price


Twelve linocuts, housed in a handmade portfolio with a magnet closure, depict monsters loosely inspired by old Medieval and Renaissance cartography.

The twelve sea monster linocuts can be arranged and rearranged in 479,001,600 possible combinations!

Uneducated sailors were the main source for artist and writers describing life in the oceans. Their reports of wild beasts in the ocean became the basis for knowledge and natural history texts of the time. At the time scientists thought for every land animal, there was an equivalent in the ocean.


These beast-filled art maps were created less for navigation, and mainly for wealthy art patrons walls. Towards the end of the 17th century, sea monsters started to disappear from maps, as scientific knowledge grew.

Chimeric Voayages.Contents.jpg
Unfolded portfolio and contents including colophon
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