Alaska is for the Birds!

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    Alaska is for the Birds! shares and nurtures a love of birds with young people. Quick, witty verses introduce 14 favorite birds found across the state and beyond.


    Susan explores the lives of birds—their habits and peculiarities—through her witty poems that are grounded in natural history. We look at water birds, song birds, hole drillers, nectar drinkers, dancing birds, migratory birds and residents. The state bird even flies into one double page spread.


    Evon captures each bird personality in their environment in her handsome linocut portraits. These cuts will be available in small editions after they are introduced in book launch exhibits this coming spring. Contact Evon for advance notice about when they will be available.


    The book is expanded to include more about the birds, and bird words, to enhance the young reader's journey into birds.


    This is the book for auntie birders to share with their young nieces and nephews!



    Hardcover Book

    Author: Susan Ewing

    Published by Alaska Northwest Books

    40 pages in full color

    Price $18.99


    8.5 x 10 inches

    ISBN: 978-1513128665

    Reading age: ‎ 5 - 8 years

    Grade level: ‎ Kindergarten - 3