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Alaska is for the Birds!

  • Winner of the 2022 National Outdoor Book Award—Children's Category

    Alaska is for the Birds! is inspiring a new generation of bird enthusiasts. Quick, witty verses introduce the superpowers of fourteen birds that reside or summer in Alaska. (Important superpowers like being pelagic, changing feather color to match the willows, or having a handy pectinate claw!) 


    Susan explores the lives of birds—their habits and peculiarities—through her witty poems that are grounded in natural history. We look at water birds, song birds, hole drillers, nectar drinkers, dancing birds, and both migratory birds and residents. The state bird walks into one double page spread.

    Evon captures each bird personality in handsome linocut portraits. With a rich palette of antique hues, these bird cuts have important features that a reader will recognize in nature, yet are whimsical enough to entertain.


    40 pages include more about the birds, and bird words, to enhance the reader's journey into birds.


    This is the book for birders to share with their young nieces and nephews and for art and bird lovers of all ages!


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    Hardcover Book

    Author: Susan Ewing

    Published by Alaska Northwest Books

    40 pages in full color

    Price $18.99


    8.5 x 10 inches

    ISBN: 978-1513128665

    Reading age: ‎ 5 - 8 years

    Grade level: ‎ Kindergarten - 3



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