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Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears | Softbound

  • Softcover Book

    32 pages in full color
    Author: Susan Ewing
    8.5 x 10 inches
    Octopoda Press, 2012

    "This humorous rhyming revue features 15 animals from the North. Accompanied by exuberant hand colored linocuts, doggerel verse sings the eccentricities of each critter...Zerbetz's eye-grabbing illustrations raise the energy level with their dynamic lines and vibrant composition."
             —Publishers Weekly

    Original linocut artworks from Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears are available in small editions.


    This book is also available in hardcover.

  • "Outstanding from a learning perspective. Fun and informative verses. A great way to introduce young kids to the rhythm of poetry.”

                — Parents Council Award 1997


    “What a fortunate pairing of author and artist—both Susan Ewing and Evon Zerbetz have a terrific sense of humor about Alaska wildlife. This book is just plain fun.”
               — Alaska Magazine

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