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  • Traditionally, an Iñupiaq hunter would be tossed in the air, enabling him to see across the horizon to hunt game.  Now, the blanket toss is an entertainment during celebrations. Thirty or more people hold the edges of a large skin made from walrus hides, and toss someone into the air as high as possible. The objective is to land on the blanket without falling over; the person being tossed  loses their turn when they lose their balance. It is a treat to watch the atheleticism of a skilled jumper.

    Hand painted linocut created for a project about family partnerships. 

    4.25 x 8.5 inches

    Edition of 10

    Sizes listed are of the linocut images themselves; I leave an additional white border of paper on all sides.

  • My linocuts are printed on cotton rag paper the old-fashioned way: I carve with knives and gouges to create my imagery in slabs of linoleum. Then I roll ink over the surface, lay cotton paper on top, and crank the block through my etching press. I repeat this process for each impression in the edition, which means: If an image is in an edition of 40, I do this 40 times! After the prints dry, I generally hand-paint them, often with many layers of color, making each print a unique work of art.


    Allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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