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Station of the Raven VII: Playing with Wolves

  • Playing with Wolves


    Wolves and ravens have been observed together in what could only be described as social situations. A hiker friend spent an afternoon observing a wolf family in a mountain valley.  The mom and dad posted themselves on the hillside above, while the four young wolves played with a raven friend. Teased and egged on by the raven who perched on a rock, the wolves wagged their tails. Then, pretending to lose interest in their playmate, they would sneak back, as if stalking the raven.


    When the sun was ready to set, the older wolves, still on the mountainside above, got up and headed into thick woods. The pups abandoned their game to follow mom and dad.  [I climbed the mountain the next day, but only sighted the adult wolves.]


    Bravery is considered to be a trait of the raven. Hunger and courtship seem like obvious reasons for displays of bravery. But sometimes ravens, usually known for their cautious approach to things, take risks for no evident reason at all.

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