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Ten Rowdy Ravens | Softbound

  • Softcover Book

    32 pages in full color

    Author:  Susan Ewing

    8.5 x 10 inches

    ISBN 9780882406107

    Published by Graphic Arts Publishing, 2005


    Ten ravens set out on a lark. As the pages turn, they steal pretty pearls, picnic in a pickup truck, and pull a predator’s tail. Scenarios are fanciful but rooted in ravenhood: collecting shiny things, testing curious objects, getting into garbage, and showing off. The adventures take their numbers down to 1, and they reunite to play the game all over again.


    Original linocut artworks from Ten Rowdy Ravens are available in small editions.

  • "An imaginative romp about our favorite trickster."

    —Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven and Ravens in Winter


    "In Ten Rowdy Ravens, one feels the mischievous nature of the raven in Zerbetz's colorful illustrations and enters the raven's world through Ewing's clear and engaging prose. The Daily Kaw is sure to garner a wide circulation with its 'tongue-in-beak' descriptions of true raven reports."

    —John Marzluff, Professor, Wildlife Science, University of Washington and coauthor of In the Company of Crows and Ravens


    "With its richly detailed linocut illustrations and simple humorous text, Ten Rowdy Ravens is a hilarious, beautiful, and fascinating picture book–a delightful portrait of these intelligent, mischievous birds and their most endearing traits."

    —Janell Cannon, author and illustrator of Stellaluna


    "A treasure...combines mischief and laughter with accurate information."

    —Candace Savage, author of Bird Brains

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