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Birds Making Words


This series is inspired by a legendary figure named Cang Jie who is credited with the invention of Chinese writing, following his observations of bird tracks in the sand. Legend also gives Jie four eyes and eight pupils.

I call these works tablets. They are created by hand printing multiple layers of linocuts on 1/2 inch wood cut-outs. The back of each tablet is finished—painted, has a block to stand it off the wall about 1/2 inch, a hanging wire—and is ready to hang. I like to use these pieces as accents on my wall hung proximate to other artworks, likely asymmetrically.
Each tablet is approx. 11 inches square and rounds are 12 inches in diameter.

Top Row

L:  Noise Made by Flowing Water | sold

C:  By Another's Eye | available

R:  Words and Eggs | available

Bottom Row

L:  Handsome Dubious Eggs | available

C:  By Another's Eye | available

R:  Two Meanings Packed up into One Word | available

Other Tablets may be available.

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