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Merge The Giants of Engineering.jpg

Project: Merge: The Giants of Engineering

Materials: Art glass

Installed: University of Alaska - Engineering Facility

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Size: 18 x 6 feet

Year: 2019

The Giants were Inspired by the call for an art installation that unites all the disciplines of engineering in the facility. My design features three figures composed of engineering equipment, tools, and ideas. I worked with department heads and scientists to make sure that all the departments in the building were represented.

My linocut art is translated into glass with a number of treatments creating rich layers The figures of the Giants are cut from hand blown glass and ground to fit precisely. The glass is etched, a grisaille layer is applied to add tonality, some areas are treated with silver stain, additional etching and hand painting. The tools are backed with either a mirror reflective coating or pearl white, so that they reflect light in different manners.

A montage of photographs with themes of engineering in the north are printed on a second pane of float glass behind the Giants.


The red line running through all seven panels has been treated with a mirrored backing. The piece is designed to be illuminated with the light it receives and reflects.

The installation is composed of seven panels of safety glass.
Four: 21 x 72 x .4 inches and three: 30 x 72 x .4 inches.

Giants detail.jpg
Giants_Detail 2.5.jpg
Giants with

Giants in situ with student

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