We are Written in the Layers.OVERVIEW

Project: We are Written in the Layers of the Earth

Materials: Architectural art glass, etched red alder panels.

Installed: State Library, Archives, and Museum (SLAM)

Location: Juneau, Alaska

Size: 65' x 9'

Year: 2016

My first glass work creates the wall between the state library and state archives in this innovative building.


This piece is inspired by the entities the building serves—museum, archives, and library—all of which collect our state's stories.


The wall features three figures—the story collectors: A kayaker, who uses a paddle-sized pencil to steer through a wave over fish and octopus arms, leaving a trail of phosphorescence in the ocean. Another figure, flying alongside birds and wielding a paintbrush, leaves a circuitous 16-foot-long red mark stretching across the sky, to be collected by a dancing sandhill crane. The third mark-maker hunches over the ground, making her mark with a pair of scissors, cutting into the fabric of the earth.

Each institution maintains that their side of the wall is the 'right' side, so you will want to see both sides. You are welcome to visit the wall during state library hours.

We are Written in the Layers.FLIERw.wood

My imagery continues onto red alder panels on the library side.


Story collector from the ocean.

We are Written in the Layers.FLIER

Story collector from the skies.


Each side plays with the light differently. View from the Archives side.

My first panels emerging from the kiln after I added the grisaille layer.

Glaziers shim the panes into perfect alignment on installation day.