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Little Red Snapperhood


Author: Neal Gilbertsen
Illustrator: Evon Zerbetz
Hardbound $16.95
Softcover $10.95
Published by Octopoda Press, 2015


"Once upon a maritime..." begins this underwater twist on the classic. Red snapper dons her favorite squid tasseled hat and sets out to grandmother's house with a fresh-baked octopi. Red meets up with the Wolf Eel in the kelp forest and again in Grandma's oyster bed with an amiable surprise ending. Full of fishy puns and details for sharp eyes, Little Red Snapperhood is a fun romp under the ocean.



First published by Westwinds Press in 2001

Original linocut artwork from Little Red Snapperhood is available in very small editions.

About the Author.

Neal Gilbertsen (aka Wolf Eel Neal) has been a commercial fisherman, college professor, and regional economist. He writes fish poetry in Ketchikan, Alaska.

One day her mother said to her

"Oh dear, how time does fly!

Please rush to Grandma's distant house

This fresh baked octopi!"

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