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Project: Our Tree of Knowledge

Materials: Dimensional linocut, monotypes, paste papers

Installed: Knik Elementary School

Location: Wasilla, Alaska (1% for Art)

Size: 65" x 50" x 3"

Year: 2011

Flora and fauna, carved in linoleum, is hand-printed, painted, and mounted individually on rigid supports. Linocuts are attached at different heights to create dimension. Tree parts are printed on monotypes, paste papers, and found papers. The leaves of the tree are printed on found papers representing different branches of knowledge: math, geography, music, art, science, and poetry. The central core of tree is printed over the words Thomas Jefferson used to organize his library: Memory, Reason, Imagination.


EZbird copy.jpg

The works are built from many small pieces, carved, printed, mounted and layered to create dimension.


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